Gps tracking system

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These map functions make it easier to keep track of the surroundings of the vehicles and are especially helpful for the employees in the dispatching department.

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The private use of the company car is documented by a logbook and proven useful for the tax office. A separate monetary benefit is calculated on the basis of the actual share of private use. Thus, the amount is usually lower than in a one-percent rule. Especially if private trips are rarely undertaken, here are the advantages of a GPS logbook. Only with reliable and meaningful information can a good business decision be made.

TrackPilot provides accurate logbooks and working time reports as well as numerous evaluations and statistics to effectively control staff and fleet. With just a few clicks, you can generate various reports and export them on request.

GPS tracking unit

TrackPilot is the only tracking platform with fully integrated trip planning. Intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling and automatic route optimization allow you to quickly optimize strategic itineraries and schedule service or delivery orders. Objectively assessing the driving behavior of its drivers is difficult. Here TrackPilot ecodrive offers a possibility. With the help of various scores ecodrive rates each driver individually and objectively in terms of economical and safe driving.

A total value determined from the scores provides the basis for the TrackPilot driver league.

Pay monthly, depending on the number of objects you track

From this league, for example, a reward system can result, which increases the quality and efficiency of the fleet. Are you looking for information on a specific point of the day trip?

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With the new route playback function you can track routes easily! The route of the entire day is displayed clearly and is now even easier to understand. You can also set the speed of playing! You want to know about road limitations for your vehicles when planning your trip?

For altitude, latitude and weight restrictions, see the Truck view, which you can display using the map selector. From a normal smartphone, the TrackPilot Go! If windshield real estate is at a premium in your smaller car, you need to purchase a unit with a much smaller body size.

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Perfect for personal use or small company

A GPS tracking unit is a navigation device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device's. Interested in GPS vehicle tracking system? GPSWOX offers to try car, vehicle tracking software for FREE. Start tracking with minimum investments and efforts.

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Car GPS Tracking Devices

See Georgia HB 16 - Electronic tracking device; location of person without consent The recorded location data can either be stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to an Internet -connected device using the cellular GPRS or SMS , radio , or satellite modem embedded in the unit. The company also launched a website in Portuguese to show the approximate location of the winners' homes. Retrieved 25 March Features to look for: Large amounts of data eg address or order information, tour lists or logbooks can be easily imported and exported in the CSV file format.

Cloud GPS Software we host. Server GPS Software you host. It is easy to use, because everything you need is provided online for a affordable price. Real-Time Tracking Track the location of your objects vehicle, person, mobile, bike etc. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM etc. View additional information about the tracking objects: Notifications Get instant alerts about your tracking object: History and Reports Download and review reports in different formats: Reports include various information by date and GPS tracker name including: Detailed and group reports are also available.

Fuel Savings Easily check tank fuel level and fuel consumption along the route in real time. Moreover, fuel consumption control is a great preventive measure against fraud. Geofencing Geofence feature allows to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you.

Receive automated alerts when the object enters or leaves marked boundaries. Also, you can name the place and add description. You can also use tools for calculating distances between places on the map. Mobile Download one of our mobile GPS tracking apps.